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          BLOOD PRICE by Tanya Huff


    I first heard of Blood Price when they were advertising the Blood Tides tv show, but only years after the show had ended did I pick-up the first of the Blood Books series by Tanya Huff.  There was a lot I enjoyed about the book: the characters were rememberable and realistic, the villain was likely and unlikely at the same time, and just the overall read was different from your usual vamp novels.  However, the writing and constant point-of-view swaps for me was a bit overused and sometimes plain confusing.  However, don’t let that stop you from giving Blood Price a gander.  The novel begins with a chilling murder and the chemistry between the characters is fun and interesting.  With only four other books in the Blood Books, and a spin-off series with two of my favorite characters from Blood Price…I may be back with a few more reviews for more of Tanya Huff’s works.

    A Dangerous Thing

    Fanfic. Cullen/Amell. Rated M.  When Templar Ser Cullen and mage Astrid Amell fall in-love, dark terrible things begin to happen within the Circle Tower.  For the star-crossed lovers, realizing their denied feelings for one another has set them on a course that only ends in tragedy.

    Not every mage gives in to temptation, but none are ever free of it. At any time any mage could become a monster, from the lowest apprentice to the most seasoned enchanters.

    Knight-Captain Cullen